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2017-10-17 Under construction, MM5450YN LED display driver break out board, It could use for LED indicator, such as billboard, also festival lighting, such as pumpkin lantern, Xmas tree.
2017-10-10 Under construction, ATWINC3400 WIFI and BLE combo module Arduino DUE shield, because this module connect to host, more serial port require, so I use Arduino DUE interface.
2017-06-28 Air quality sensor, this sensor will output eCO2 and TVOC sensing raw data, meaning I should find a way to convert sensing raw data to readable value.
2017-05-10 I found an air dust sensing module that output measurement data ( PM2.5 and PM10 )not raw data, provide simple and useful ways for I created an air box device.
2017-04-26 I got a heat image sensor evaluation board, this sensor could output 8 x 8 = 64 pixels heat image,
2017-04-19 Bicycle odometer, indicated speed and distance information, and shine detection for lighting turn on/off.
2017-04-12 Queue calling device, use BLE advertise / observer ability, when device active, message show on OLED display, generate beep and shake also.
2017-03-28 A BLE queue called device, use BLE advertiser and observer function, for a device could notice waiting people.
2017-03-28 I got a bicycle, I try to create something, such as speed meter, odometer, lighting controller.
2017-03-15 This is a GSM/GPRS module, it used for M2M application via SMS/Voice or internet, In Taiwan, base station almost everywhere, GSM/SPRS also a useful IoT solution.
2017-03-07 Heart rate sensor test
2017-02-08 I got an optical sensor, it used for particle detect, so I try created a smoke detector
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